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PINK Children Survey

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Despite the state of emergency throughout the country because of the dangerous virus, children do not seem to understand the gravity of the situation, but this is normal for thеir age, and in a way they are teaching us adults, to take things less seriously without, of course, underestimating them.  The Government of Bulgaria and […]

Update Following the Covid-19 Restrictions

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Due to the newly introduced restrictions because of Covid-19, the work of Pink, as well as of all other educational institutions in Bulgaria, was suspended and subsequently redirected to online training. This week Pink started a remote connection with the children from Tran, Peshtera and Pernik through chat groups and phone calls. Children who do not have […]

News from Peshtera, Pernik and Tran


On the 22nd of February  the children from 5th grade who are participating in the art workshop in Pernik organized an exhibition-bazaar for hand made traditional Martenitsas. The bazaar was held in the 6th school ‘St. St. Cyril and Metodius’ where the PINK room is located. Together with the Martenichkas the children  offered jewelry made by […]