PINK Program

The Pink foundation is committed to helping children develop their human potential, believing all children deserve a fair chance to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.
The conceptual basis for PINK grew out of a decade of experience working among children in communities and institutions around the Balkan region. Beginning with short term programs, we found ways easily to make small improvements in the lives of families and children, but most of the impact was only temporary. Over time, we realized long term, consistent presence in the lives of children is necessary to effect permanent, positive change.
The Pink Foundation develops informal courses, publishes materials, and organizes activities for children ages 3-18.
Pink offers a life transformation program built on long term commitment to children and youth. The program welcomes children as young as 3 years old and stays with them until they reach maturity. In addition to group activities, our adult staff and volunteers offer regular, individual time and attention for every child.
PINK revolves around five core disciplines:
Socialization – especially at the younger ages, we teach children how to get along with others, play in groups, and work together as a team.
Education – we instruct, tutor, and encourage to instill a love of learning in every child.
Health and Hygiene – We provide instruction and advice for personal hygiene and developing healthy habits, especially around the time when children enter puberty.
Community Service – We organize community service projects to teach children the importance of helping others.
Life Skills – We offer training courses and career assistance to help prepare youth for the wider world of work and adult life.
In addition the Pink program develops supplemental materials and programs for schools, organizes community service projects, and partners with local institutions to improve the lives of children in communities around the Balkans.