Clubs Of Interest

Draw with me

The aim of the club is to acquire knowledge and skills related to the fine arts and get to know the various painting techniques and the use of different mediums. There is no age limit for this club.

Art Workshop

The aim of the club is to develop the children`s creativity and imagination and help with their concentration through fulfilling tasks.

 Mixed Art Atelier

The aim of the club is to acquire knowledge and skills in crafting various beautiful items with through different techniques ( decoupage, painting on glass, pyrography) and materials. The items are later sold at different bazaars and exhibitions.

Cooking Club for Youth

The aim of the club is to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of cooking and restaurant business. After completing the two-year training, the foundation is responsible for finding work and internships for the youth participating. The club is open to girls and boys from 16 to 18 years old.

 Beauty Salon

Acquiring useful habits for maintaining a good appearance, as well as personal hygiene.

 Helping mom and dad

Giving parents the opportunity to leave their child in our center to have some free time for themselves. The children color, paint and play during their time with us.

 Hip-Hop Club

Upgrading the dance skills of children with potential talent in the art of dance. Also learning about structure and discipline. Preparation for stage behavior.


During this club the children watch movies suitable for children from 7 to 12 years, after which they have a group discussion regarding the plot and moral of the story.

 Fashion Design

The aim of the club is for children to learn to decorate and recycle their old clothes and turn them into something unique and beautiful. In addition to clothes, various accessories and shoes for everyday wear are decorated.

 Helping Mom

In this club the children acquire skills in housework, with which the children will be able to help at home with cleaning and tidying, doing the dishes and laundry, cleaning windows, vacuum and other activities that would help their parents in the household.

 Help Yourself

The aim of the club is for c children to learn to be more independent in various tasks such as budget allocation, cooking, preparing homework, making presentations and documents and more.


The Socialization Club is held once a week with our youngest children. The goals of the club are for the children to learn to play together, to work together and individually, to listen to and help each other. To achieve this, they play various board and sports games that are good for developing their cognitive abilities, their thinking and reflexes.

Young Carpenter

The “Young Carpenter” club is designed for children from 5th to 8th grade. The goal is for them to learn to safely sand wood , to carefully nail small nails , to work with a pyrograph and to varnish. To achieve end results, children assemble small wooden sets, which are also very practical, such as: bird houses, bird feeders, key and moneyboxes,  shelves, tool boxes, pads for hot dishes and others.