Board of Directors

70693115_10220131496694716_349588751388770304_oAlbena Krusheva 

Director and Chairman of PINK foundation

What motivated you to be on the PINK Foundation Board of the directors and to develop the PINK Program?
“When I was 11 years old my mother and father divorced. It was a difficult moment because my mother had to take care of 2 children during the period of changes in Bulgaria (after the communist regime 1989 – 1990). We were very poor so I started working when I was 14 years old in order to earn some money to buy basic things for my life. I had only one pair of shoes and one jacket. My tough childhood and lack of money drove me to study and work more. Now I want to help children to develop their potential and to improve their lives through the PINK program.
Nowadays we live in a world with more opportunities to study, work and travel as well as more people who love supporting children in need. My goal is to show our children the wide range of possibilities to live better and step out of their fear, insecurity and low self esteem.
Hope, faith and perseverance are the qualities which we believe are vital for the character of each child in order to have a happier, healthier and more productive life.


Teodora Ilieva

Member of the Board of Directors

I support the idea behind Pink and like the motto: “A fair chance for every child”.  I truly believe that every child has different needs and  different talents waiting to be discovered and developed. Every child needs to be given a chance to discover what he is capable of doing and this is much easier to achieve with the help of a support structure behind him. Here in the Pink program, I think this is possible because of the variety of courses provided for the children, the staff who are involved in them and last but not least – the love and support our children receive throughout their journey of childhood.

1476344_10201964734174149_5097764_nNadejda Milenkova

Member of the board of directors

More than 15 years ago for the first time I met with children deprived of parental care. Their destinies and lives touched me deeply and I realized that it will always be important for me to be able to help children in need with whatever and whenever I can. Being part of the board of directors of the Pink Foundation is both an honor and a responsibility. I am glad that I can contribute to the development of the foundation and I believe that all the activities and projects in which children are involved help them to have a happier and more interesting childhood and a real chance for a better future.