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IMG_1812Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I’m part of the Pink Foundation team. Three years ago I started a drawing club for the children in the Pink House in Tran. For me, the club and the children in it are something very special, because I love to create and I can pass on the things I know to my students. There is no age limit, because in my opinion there is no age for talent. The older children experiment with acrylic, watercolor and oil paints. For them, the painting club is a place where they not only learn new painting techniques, but also find themselves in their work. Along with the beautiful paintings, we have an eye on the artistic vision of the children. With the older participants in the club we get involved in various thematic activities related to bazaars, online exhibitions, etc. We are just getting to know the smaller children drawing group. They all have talent and a will to be creative. I am extremely happy to be part of this club and to see the individual development of talents of each child in the groups.

“Draw with me” is my favorite club, because there I discovered that I have a talent for painting and I find it very interesting and fun. One of my favorite things to draw are cartoon characters with colored pencils and pens. I have a great desire to paint, I like doing it and most of all I want to learn how to paint portraits. From my participation in the club I found out that everyone has a talent, as long as there is someone to guide and help you. One day I dream of painting a picture near the Eiffel Tower! ”

These are the words of Hrissy, a regular participant in the “Draw with me” club

“I like to visit the Pink House. I go every time with a lot of desire. My favorite clubs in the Pink House are the Art Workshop, where I like to make beautiful decorations, to model with plasticine and make flowers from different colored papers. My other favorite club is “Draw with me”, where I realized how good painting and drawing makes me feel. I love drawing my favorite movie characters. Sometimes I even draw characters that I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m curious to see how I remember them”. 

These are the words of Mario, a regular participant in the Pink program 

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