Easter Decorations

IMG_2690Easter is one of the most revered Christian holidays in Bulgaria and this year it falls on the 2nd of May. For this occasion, Lily, Ani, the children from the art workshop and the most active participant in the Pink House Vladi made unique Easter decorations. All the decorations made will be part of the holiday decorative set up at the Tran town square. 

The children from the art workshop painted styrofoam eggs, depicting various famous characters such as the Minions, Pokemon or the Pink Panther. Others were painted like flowers and landscapes. The eggs are used to decorate umbrellas, which will adorn the center of the small town of Tran, and will be hung on the street lights. The other Easter decorations the children made were baskets made of wood and twine and flowers made from napkins and colored paper. You can see some of the children`s creations in the gallery below.

IMG_2676 IMG_2678 IMG_2689 IMG_2716 IMG_2721

IMG_2715 IMG_2714 IMG_2713 IMG_2710 IMG_2709 IMG_2706 IMG_2705 IMG_2703 IMG_2702 IMG_2700 IMG_2694 IMG_2687 IMG_2683 IMG_2682 IMG_2681 IMG_2680

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