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IMG-3561Kosio, Elitsa and Lily are in the Pink Rooms every day. They diligently prepare the materials for the Art workshops, then greet the children of PINK with a smile and start creating together. Their creations are made with cones, acorns, leaves, wood, cardboard, cotton and many other natural materials and with them they create decorations that children are proud of – stars, snowmen, bottles, paintings, painted stones, candles, cards. You know, they started naming their creations to symbolically breathe life into them. Kosio and his children created families of owls, which were sold to friends of PINK and with the collected amount they bought new materials for the children. Each owl had its own name and biography, hobby, favorite color and occupation. This gave so much joy to their adoptive parents! Can you imagine what it’s like to adopt an owl made of wood and a cone that has a history?

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