Young Chefs in the Making

Влади “I like to visit the cooking club because I gain valuable culinary knowledge and skills to cook in using the right techniques.  My favorite pastime is making desserts. I have a strong desire to start working in a restaurant at the Black Sea, because it will give me the opportunity to develop, meet new people and understand what it is like to work and earn money independently, without relying on the support of my parents.  I received information from my friends,  for whom the PINK Foundation found a job in a 4-star hotel in the resort of Sveti Vlas, that the conditions are good and that this has helped them gain a lot of experience.” These are the words of Vladi, a regular participant in the Cooking club for youth.

 The Cooking club that the PINK Foundation has been holding at the Pink House in Tran since 2014 is one of the most popular clubs for young adults.  Thanks to it, many young people aged 16 to 18 have the opportunity to intern and work in hotels and restaurants.  The foundation managed to find jobs, which opened the door for the professional realization of many of the  participants.

 Mr. Hristo Paskalev travels every week from the village of Strezimirovtsi to meet the cohort of future chefs in Tran and to teach them the ways of preparing and conservation of food. His wish is for each participant to use their love for cooking and be prepared for the summer internship. He carefully selects different dishes from the recipe books and writes down the products that need to be purchased in order to fulfill all the recipes. The young people arrive and start cooking in the cozy kitchen of the “Pink House”. After 3 hours everything is ready and the whole group sits together around the dining table trying their own creations. Mr. Paskalev likes to score each dish and to encourage every young person, give them more confidence and advise them on how to improve a certain dish if needed.

During a pandemic, some of the Pink activities are conducted online and led by guest chefs. Maria, who lives in Scotland, made a Brazilian salad “Salpicao”, an appetizer Baba Ghanoush, chocolates “Brigadeiros”, Nelly prepared hummus, and Mariana prepared a unique presentation for making cupcakes.

 The young people are looking forward to attending in person the “Pink House” again and to meet with Mr. Paskalev to learn many other delicious recipes.

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