New Club in Peshtera

IMG_0127It’s always nice when something new starts, especially if it’s something beautiful and makes children happy. What could be better and more relaxing than to paint a beautiful picture? Some will say – “but I can`t paint!” Well, according to us – this is not the case at all, as anyone can paint. Of course there is no way to know if this is true or not if one does not take a sheet, a brush and paints and does not start…painting.

From the beginning of March, the extracurricular activities of PINK in the town of Peshtera increased by one more. It’s called “Draw with me” and as the name suggests, the children in it will learn to draw and paint. This club is one of the most successful ones in Tran and Pernik and surely we decided to try it in Peshtera too. We are using different techniques, canvases and tools and the goal will not be the end result, but to have a pleasant, fun time with the children.

For now, the club started with children from 3rd grade, and the idea for the future is to include older children too. The first topic to be drawn was called “Twilight over the forest”, and even though this was their first attempt at drawing – the children did extremely well.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our extracurricular activities for children of all grades had to be stopped once again. We really believe that soon everything will pass and the kids will be able to have fun again and be able to create freely.

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