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IMG_2287With great enthusiasm, the cohort from the Cooking Club in the town of Tran spent time in person visiting the Pink House, after having a few weeks of training via online meetings with guest chefs. During the online meetings, the participants had the opportunity to take notes and observe how meals were prepared that our mentors had prepared for them. Here are some of them: Brazilian salad “Salpicao” and chocolates “Bragadeiros”, Middle Eastern Baba Ganoush and hummus, the original American cupcakes with icing, as well as the healthy banana mousse with tahini. When the young people returned to the kitchen of the Pink House, all participants had the task to cook the recipes they learned from their online meetings.

We would also like to congratulate Vladi, who won the Pink culinary competition for Valentine’s Day.  For the competition he prepared a heart-shaped pizza, which unanimously won the most points! The prize for Vladi was a combined device – a blender, mixer and chopper.

IMG_1470 IMG_2369 – Копие

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