New Games for Peshtera

IMG_9823The children from Pink Peshtera enjoy crafting interesting and beautiful things, but just like every child they like to play. The Pink room  is a place where our children feel comfortable and accepted, and can relax after their regular school classes.  Up until recently, the only games they could play there were Table tennis and electronic darts. These are very cool games and the kids really enjoy playing them, but still – they are mostly for the older ones.

In the beginning of the new year we acquired 3 new games for the children in Peshtera – hockey, table football and mini basketball. The new games are for the younger children from 1st to 3rd grade, and they really have a lot of fun with them. It was an interesting experience for the third graders. They were involved in assembling the games, and it was very difficult for them to decide what they like best – to play with them or to assemble them. It should be noted that these are not only “male” games, as is normal to assume, but also girls play them with great pleasure and have a lot of fun.

With this, the PINK Foundation’s room at the school has become even more fun and attractive, and the team hopes that it will continue to be so with more new acquisitions in the future.

IMG_20210115_132214 IMG_20210115_132217 IMG_20210115_132224 IMG_20210115_134936IMG_20210115_134943 IMG_20210115_131512

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