Online Parties with Pink

132820044_1326961684320344_7176366237484135933_nEvery year during this time of the year Pink organizes parties for the children in the program. But since this year parties were cancelled –  we decided to do something special for the kids. Our coordinators from the Pink House organized an online party for some of the pupils from “Share with me” and the “Cooking club”. The parties took place online in Messenger. They had fun conversations with us and also participated in a raffle with the opportunity to win different prizes. The Pink children from Pernik also took part in an improvised party via Viber, which is the platform they use for their online clubs. Two of the children prepared a Christmas trivia and everyone was happy to discover new facts about how people celebrate this holiday around the world. Of course everyone received a present.

We hope that next year will bring us new and exciting experiences with the Pink children and that soon we will again be able to spend time together!

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