Online Bulgarian Dinner with Carolynne

IMG_7752Pink wants to express its sincere gratitude to Carolynne Pyne, who is one of our long-term supporters and sponsors from the UK. She has been aiding Pink since the very beginning and had the opportunity to participate in person at summer camp activities and helping the Cooking club in Tran over the years.

This year was different for everyone and our supporters were not able to travel to Bulgaria to join the summer camps. However, Carolynne decided to do something else to support the PINK Foundation – an online Bulgarian dinner!

Here is how the idea came to Carolynne’s in her own words:

“A friend and I met to share our thoughts about having a Bake Sale in support of Pink. As the discussion went on, an idea came to us that we felt would work well in the situation of Covid-19 and where everyone would be safe…an online Bulgarian Dinner! We set upon sourcing Bulgarian recipes from the PINK cooking program, some from my friend’s Bulgarian daughter-in-law and some from the internet and began sending out invitations to friends and family to join us. All we asked was £10 donated to the PINK Just Giving site and in return guests were sent a ‘Pack’, which included the number for 2 free raffle tickets, a quiz (with separate answer sheet), a video from PINK about the story of one boy in the program, and links to some Bulgarian music and information about the PINK Foundation. Everyone got an invitation to join a Zoom meeting, on the last night of the week proposed for the dinner, to meet with friends from Bulgaria for a short talk. The recipes, which provided the choice for a 3-course dinner and including vegetarian options, were to be cooked by the guests in their own homes on an evening that suited them during the week.

Thankfully, the invitations were well received and over 40 people supported the event. Several people donated to the page and others bought extra raffle tickets, raising a wonderful amount (£540) for the work of the Foundation. We had some lovely comments and great pictures of the meals ranging from such things as Shopska salad, Kavarma or Sarmi and tasty Baklava and Medenki biscuits and more. A number of people were able to join the zoom meeting and enjoyed hearing Beni and Bob talking about the work of Pink.”

 Thank you, Carolynne, for your love and support over the years. Thanks to people like you we can continue supporting children and their families!

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