Start of the New School Year

IMG_20201012_140842The new school year  for the Bulgarian children (September 15) began with strict safety measures  and all lessons are conducted with all the necessary precautionary measures. Our Pink coordinators have been actively recruiting participants for the clubs of interest by taking surveys and signing contracts with parents. 

So at the beginning of October the Pink clubs resumed in all our locations. Our team observes the necessary measures against the spread of diseases  in both schools as well as in the Pink house. 

Before the start of the program, the Pink house in Tran was freshened up by painting all the walls and the ceilings. A new fence around the house was also installed.

In Peshtera the children started their sport games by playing soccer if the weather was nice and sunny and table tennis – if it was rainy and chilly outside. We even held our first of the year tournament with prizes for all participants. On the other hand the children from “Art Workshop” and “Young Carpenter” clubs create fun and beautiful things. Soon the Peshtera Pink room will start more interesting extracurricular activities for children – “Draw with me” and “Cinemania” will be the new clubs for children, which will also be held once a week.

The Pink room in Pernik also launched the most desired and popular among the children clubs – “Draw with me”, Table tennis and “Share With Me”. For the younger ones in Pernik we will start a new club – “Cinemania”. In it we will watch and discuss children’s movies. Our goal is to deepen children’s thinking, to be able to distinguish good from bad, to have discussions and fun together.

We wish our children a fantastic year filled with new knowledge, laughter and most importantly – health.

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