Humanitarian and Other Projects

IMG_20200722_103927Unfortunately, this year the state of emergency in Bulgaria prevented the PINK children from participating in humanitarian projects. Projects had been planned in the beautiful Bulgarian mountains following on from our activities in 2019. That year the boys and girls worked side by side refurbishing huts by doing whatever was needed to bring them up to scratch such as cleaning, painting walls and rearranging the space. We had been planned in 2019 to build upon that work into 2020. That being said “where there is a will there is a way” so the energies of those children from the town of Peshtera who so eagerly wanted to go to the Pleven hut, happily joined together to paint the benches at their school instead, benefiting the local community.

As a small compensation for the missed event in Stara Planina mountain, the children went on a short one-day hike in the beautiful Rhodopa mountain. And to make it more fun for everyone, one group of children visited a beach complex near the town of Pazardzhik, and another group went to the swimming pool in the town of Bratsigovo.

The kids in Pernik were also supposed to participate in a humanitarian project but instead they had the opportunity to spend the mornings during the last two weeks of July in the courtyard of their school having fun activities with their peers. The children did art projects, crafts, painting, played games and socialized with each other.

On Monday he children from Pernik and Tran had a trip to the river Erma gorge with the entire PINK team, where everyone had a picnic, played games and walked through the beautiful outdoors around. Until the end of the month, all children from Pernik, Peshtera and Tran continue to have fun activities with our coordinators.

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