Fun Games

IMG_5625The first of a series of PINK summer projects was the long-awaited Fun Games project, which took place in Peshtera.

For five days we had the opportunity to have fun together doing different sports. It was special and extremely exciting, because for the first time in months we were all together.

After spending time in front of the computers during the lock down, the children enthusiastically took part in each game that was included in the plan of the week. The children played freely, and we all had a lot of fun. The Peshtera games were an incredibly symbolic start for the summer of 2020.

In the weeks that followed Fun Games were also held in Pernik and Tran. Due to the pandemic we also had to limit the number of the children and the nature of the games. The games this year were a different, more fun format, which added variety to the activities this year. We at PINK are very happy that we managed to create an environment in which children no longer felt isolated had a good time and put a lot of smiles on their faces.

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