Christian Week in Tran and Peshtera

IMG_9885 For the second year in a row, the PINK Foundation held a “Christian Orthodox Week for children from 7 to 13” in the towns of Peshtera and Tran. Every day from Monday to Thursday, with the kind assistance of Father Todor and Hristos Rambov under the coolness of the trees in the yard of the church in Peshtera, the children had the opportunity to hear various stories. In the town of Tran, the Christian week was organized by the church “St. Petka” – with the assistance of Pink. The leader of the lessons was Father Michael, who is a priest in the same church.

Each day included a lesson, a quiz with questions on the topic, snacks, fun games for the children and crafts. The lessons were provided to the children in an easy and understandable form, which focused their attention on the topics that were being developed and they took part when they were asked a question.

As a reward, on the last day of the working week in Peshtera was organized an excursion to the towns of Sopot and Karlovo. The first stop of the day was in the monastery “St. Spas.” The children had the opportunity to hear its interesting history from the abbess of the monastery. Then the large group from Peshtera visited the church “St. Apostles Peter and Paul ”, where the kind hosts had prepared a treat for the children. Next to the church is the women’s convent “Introduction to the Mother of God”, where thanks to a nun the children heard many interesting stories about Vasil Levski, saw his hiding place, and learned about the terrible days of the April Uprising of 1876 and the Russian-Turkish liberation war two years later.

Finally, anyone who wanted could visit the houses and museums of Ivan Vazov in the city and Vasil Levski in Karlovo. Unfortunately, the time was not enough to see everything in these interesting places so full of history.


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