PINK Deliveries during Covid-19

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The extraordinary situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has increased risk and hardship for most of the families served by the PINK Program. Many of you anticipated this and have contacted us already to ask how you can help. Thank you for reaching out and showing concern for our children and their families. We have already been able to share some of your generosity with the most needy, and they are very grateful for your help and support at this difficult time.

To better plan and implement our ongoing response to the crisis, PINK has launched a campaign to raise funds for educational materials, food, medicine, phone vouchers for children and families at risk during the Coronavirus crisis. The project targets children and families enrolled in the PINK Foundation program – in particular poor families, unemployed parents, elderly caregivers of children, mothers of many children, children without internet access and telephone connection, living in areas with low hygiene,  with no hot water and bathrooms . Our PINK workers have started regular visits to these areas to deliver supplies to the families in need.  Below you can see how our first delivery of food parcels for Tran went through. PINK is going to update this post with pictures after every delivery. 

If you would like to support our campaign, you can do so in the following ways:

Submit your donation to the PINK bank account:

PINK Foundation

United Bulgarian Bank



Or submit your donation through the following link:…/give/SaltVenturesNFP/PINK-CoronaHelp

You can also send materials and food parcels to the following address:

35 Sveti Naum Blvd., floor 2, apt.3, Sofia 1164, Bulgaria

For more information – +359 899 88 17 08,

Thank you for your support during this time! 

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