Survey with Parents

Untitled design (2)In last month’s newsletter we gave you a survey  we made with some of our children, about how they were affected by the recent crisis and their opinion on these events. This month we decided to ask the children themselves to take interviews from their parents and publish it. Below you can read what some of the parents have shared with their children. They have asked to remain anonymous. 

Survey with Parents

What is your opinion on Coronavirus?   

Z.– Dangerous and stressful, but with God’s help we can handle it!

A.– It brings fear and worry.

L.– I am sceptical about it.

A.– Excessive stress, which people have to live with every day. There are much more dangerous diseases than this one.

How did you feel during this long stay at home? (If you are not at work)

Z.- I go to work.

A.– My husband is a workaholic and is feeling a bit bad without going to work, and I lost my job.

L.– I work, but my husband lost his job, which makes me anxious.

A.– I work from home, I always have something to do. I`m never bored.

Does the virus cause fear or anxiety for you or are you calm?

Z.– I am a believer and to be honest I am not afraid and whatever comes – everything is God’s will!

A.– It does cause me anxiety.

L.– I am calm.

A.– It doesn`t cause me anxiety.

Do you think the government is taking adequate measures? 

Z.– No, it isn`t.

A.– Not too adequate.

L.– No, it just stresses people out.

A.– Absolutely not.

How long do you think it will last:

(a) the state of emergency 

b) the pandemic

Z.– By the end of May, I think it will be gone.

A.- a) 2 months

  1. b) 6 months

L.– By the end of June.

A.– I have no idea.

What are you doing with your family? Do you have a stronger connection with your children now?

Z.– We always had a strong relationship!

A.– We play board games, watch TV, cook and have fun as usual.

L.- We watch TV, play board games, we walk our dog Barry and we talk.

A.– We watch TV, cook, draw and stay home.

What is your attitude about Coronavirus?

A.: In my opinion the situation is very bad, Bulgaria will not be able to cope, hospitals are not equipped with staff and materials.  It will probably last 4-5 months, and will probably get worse. This crisis will have a bad impact on the economy and will bring many disasters.

T.: From what I know this is a dangerous virus that threatens the elderly but does not exclude the younger ones. I’m scared because if one gets sick the whole family will get infected. We watch television, we write homework. I miss everything from the life outside.

E.: I think it is up to all the people to stop the spread of the virus, considering the measures. If it doesn`t stop spreading, the economy will collapse and people will be depressed and impoverished.

How do you feel personally?

A.: Well, from the perspective that the whole family is together – I feel good. People are more united, playing cards, eating popcorn, the only downside is that we can’t go out and move freely. 

The government does not care enough for the public. In my opinion, payments and bills – credits, electricity and other utilities should be frozen. How will people feed themselves if the crisis lasts for several months? My family is currently not receiving any income. 

E.: I’m mostly afraid for my children to get infected and also for me and my husband to get infected and have no one to take care of them. I’m worried about my mother too. The government’s measures are adequate  to some extent.

When do you think it will end?

T.: Hardly in the next two months. End of May or June. The consequences will be tough – maybe many deaths, half the economy will collapse – 60-70% of people do not work. Currently, our family does not receive any income – we survive on savings and also my mother-in-law sends us money.

Now many people came from Sofia to Tran because they did not work. They have houses of relatives left as an inheritance. This way they can spread the disease. Also, more products are needed now in stores. Basic products like flour, sugar, rice … 

E.: I believe it will end in June – if the virus dies from higher temperatures. If it doesn’t – probably another year. If people follow the rules, it can be contained.

How are your children coping with the distance learning program?

T.: The distance learning for our children is a total nightmare, the program is not designed well and is a torment for parents and children. Sometimes files cannot be uploaded, some do not open. They use Viber and Facebook for it.

E.: Children are not able to absorb and comprehend all the information contained in the online program. I don`t think it`s constructive for the children themselves – it brings immobility, apathy, asociality.



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