Update Following the Covid-19 Restrictions

Untitled design (1)Due to the newly introduced restrictions because of Covid-19, the work of Pink, as well as of all other educational institutions in Bulgaria, was suspended and subsequently redirected to online training. This week Pink started a remote connection with the children from Tran, Peshtera and Pernik through chat groups and phone calls. Children who do not have internet access will be contacted by phone to make sure they and their parents are fine. Our goal, regardless of the circumstances, is to continue our relationship with the children, continue to motivate them and help with everything we can.

All Pink employees have worked together to develop a remote home-based training program. Some of the activities that the program includes are daily communication and conversations in a chat group or individually, as well as assigning tasks similar to the ones from the clubs of interest in which the children are involved. Some of these tasks are related to our Art Workshops – each child will have a weekly task to complete a home-based project. For the children participating in the cooking club – to prepare different dishes with their own ideas and recipes. Other activities will include participation in a variety of competitions – such as writing an essay on a given topic, a contest for the most creative implementation of the Pink program from home – with a photo / short video of a child drawing, writing, dancing (hip-hop club), contest for best poem, etc. Other activities will include online lessons in English, educational games, home experiments, and a variety of activities related to the interests of Pink children. One of the tasks that children will have in the coming weeks is to interview their parents about the events of the recent weeks, to process it and send it to their supervisor. 

The entire team of Pink would like to thank you, the supporters and friends of Pink, for your love and help. If you wish, you can write an email or a postcard to encourage a PINK child at this difficult time. For those of you who want to do this, send your messages of hope to office@pinkfoundation.bg

We hope that this all-human crisis will soon be over, and what remains will be solidarity and support, as well as the belief that together we can achieve things that previously seemed impossible.

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