Drawing Competition in Tran

88024030_844375082732645_1630982305596047360_nFor the second consecutive year the “Draw with me” club, held at the Pink house, has been one of the most popular clubs in Tran. The participants in the club activities are children with talent and creativity. Their paintings adorn the rooms in the Pink House and the homes of the people who bought their paintings from the bazaars last year. The children who participate in the club have not yet had solo exhibitions, but we hope that it will happen soon.

March 3 is a national holiday in Bulgaria. On that day, the San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed to end the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878, which marks the Liberation of Bulgaria. The treaty was signed on March 3 of 1878.

In connection with this holiday a competition for best drawing was held at the Community Center in Tran. This contest was a good platform for the participants of the “Draw with Me” club and three of the PINK children presented their works there. The paintings that were presented depicted Bulgarian revolutionaries and fighters for freedom, the Bulgarian flag and Mount Shipka. Voting for the winner was held online with a liking of a picture on the Facebook page of the Community center. We are proud that one of our children – Teddy Mikhailov from the “Draw with me” club became the first place winner. His drawing showed the map of Bulgaria, colored as our three-colored flag, and also the monument of the Shipka peak where the biggest battle of the liberation war was held. As a winner Teddy received a portable bluetooth speaker and for all other participants there were consolation prizes.

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