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Untitled design (2)Despite the state of emergency throughout the country because of the dangerous virus, children do not seem to understand the gravity of the situation, but this is normal for thеir age, and in a way they are teaching us adults, to take things less seriously without, of course, underestimating them. 

The Government of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Education and Science have decided that classes should not be interrupted, but conducted from home using the Internet and personal computers of families. From now on, the personal responsibility of children will be tested, including the role of parents, which is extremely important, to monitor and encourage their children.

Hopefully this tough for everyone period will be over soon, and no children will get sick, and people will quickly return to their normal lives. The PINK Foundation team sincerely believes that soon the children’s laughter will return to schools not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world.

Below you can read an interview taken with 18 of the PINK children from Tran, Pernik and Peshtera and see what their take on the matter is as well as their feelings and attitude about the crisis they happened to be witnesses of. The survey is anonymous on the request of the children who took part in it.

Survey with children from Tran, Pernik and Peshtera:

What is your opinion about the Coronavirus?


D. – Actually, I don`t think it`s that much of a deal,everyone is scared and I’m not scared. If a person takes precautions there is no danger of catching the virus.

T. – For me this is a scary thing, people die, it affects the psyche of people.

C. – I think that it is a dangerous virus.

K. – It’s bad, it keeps me from going out and being with my friends

M. – I have no opinion on the matter.

N. – I think we should stay home and obey the law, because it is for our own good.

G. – I think it’s terrible. 

V. –  I think it is a really bad virus that keeps us quarantined and can’t have fun.


M. – I hope things get better soon.

Y. – I want it to end already.

S. and I. – At first we were not afraid, but now we started to worry a little.


P. – I think it’s a virus that will pass in a while.

I. – It’s awful because I can’t get out of the house.

M. – Not as dangerous as they think.

V. – A common virus with a slightly higher temperature.

Y. – High temperature virus.

E. – I think it’s a virus that will pass in a while.

How do you feel during this long stay at home?


D. – I feel bad, I want to go to school, I’m bored.

T. – It’s not that much of a deal for me, I can study at home, I can study in school. The bad thing is that in my opinion this crisis will last from 2 to 4 months and my prom will be postponed.

C. – I’m bored.

K. – I’m bored.

M. – I’m very bored.

N. – I feel great!

G. – So-so, but sometimes I can’t stand it.

V. – I really dislike it.


M. – I’m having a hard time doing the lessons on the Internet, it’s more stressful.

Y. – I’m very bored, I don’t know what to do all day.

S. and I. – It is difficult for us to do the online lessons, it is full of chaos.


P. – I’m bored

I. – I feel bad and I don’t like learning from home.

M. – I feel bad, I can’t go out and there’s so much to do.

V. – Bad, I have nothing to do and go crazy.

Y. – I don’t like it, but it’s more peaceful.

E. – I’m bored and there’s nothing to do.

Does the virus cause fear or anxiety for you or are you feeling calm?


D. – I don`t feel anxiety at all, I want out, but I’m not allowed. I want to be among people.

T.  – I’m calm because I’m at home in Tran.

If I was in Pernik I would be more worried because the chance of getting infected is higher.

C. – I’m calm, I’m not scared

K. – I’m calm

M. – I feel very calm.

N. – I’m a little scared.

G. – I’m worried about my parents

V. – I’m scared for my parents


M. – I’m worried, but not much.

Y. – I’m not afraid.

S. and I. – Not at first, but now yes.


P. – I’m calm.

I. – Well, mom and dad are a little scared, but I’m not.

M. – Yes, but I do not panic as much as others, and I take it as a common virus.

V. – I’m calm.

J. – No, I’m just worried about my great-grandmother.

E. – I’m calm.

What are your favorite activities at home? 


D. – I play games on the phone, listen to music and sleep. I am not satisfied with the school’s online training system.

T. – I’m browsing the internet. Playing, sleeping, watching TV…

C. – I play different games – board games mostly.

K. – To just chill out

M. – I like to watch movies.

N. – I do different things.

G. – To paint, dance and annoy my grandmother and my sister:)

V. – I’m on the phone most of the time because there’s nothing else to do.


M. – Watching TV, reading, playing on the phone.

Y. – Playing on the phone, eating, sleeping, watching TV.

S. and I. – play on the phone.


P. – Play on the computer.

I. – Talk to my girlfriends.

M. – To just rest, play on the computer, and when I’m desperate and don’t know what to do – I clean 😂 😅

V. – Watching TV

J. – I do different things – talking on the phone, watching TV, playing with my brother and more.

E. – Play on the computer.

What do you miss most about living outside and at school?


D. – My friends in Pernik, I miss the freedom to talk to intelligent people.

T. – I miss seeing my friends.

C. – I miss playing with the kids outside.

K. – to have fun.

M. – Seeing my friends, spending time with them.

N. – My friends and having fun with them.

G. – To hang out with my friends, to dance and to be honest, i never believed i would say it but i miss school.

V. – I miss hanging out with my friends.


M. – I miss my friends.

Y. – I miss meetings with my friends and dancing to hip-hop.

S. and I. – I miss mostly my friends and my teachers.


P. – I miss the physical activity mostly.

I. – I miss my girlfriends, games and the after school courses.

M. – I miss going out and meeting friends the most.

V. – I miss my friends and drama related to them :))

J. – My friends and the after school activities.

E. – I miss my physical activity

What kinds of activities do you do with your family? Do you have a stronger connection with your parents now?                                                    


C. – Yes, we definitely have a stronger connection.

K. – we watch movies, yes – my relationship with my parents is stronger.

M. – We watch movies, we talk. Yes, our relationship is stronger.

N. – We’re staying home. Yes, we are more connected now.

G. – We watch movies.

V. – I feel good with my family and we are more united now.


M. – Yes, definitely.

Y. – I think so.

S. and I. – We think so. We have more time to talk.


P. – We play a variety of board games.

I. – I’m bored with my family. Well yeah.

M. – We do the same thing we did before the quarantine.

V. – We do the same things we did before.

J. – Well ….. we watch movies and we play games. Yes, we have become closer.

E. – We play board games.

What do you miss about Pink House / Room?                                                    


C. – I miss Benny and the games.

K. – to hang with Lily and Ani from the Pink house.

M. – I miss the “Help yourself” club.

G. – The “Draw with me” club.

V. – I miss all the activities.


M. and Y. – I miss the “Share with me” Club.

S. and I. – We miss everything.


P. – I miss everything.

I. – I miss crafting things and playing games.

M. – I miss playing games and doing different things

.V. – Games and doing cool things.

J. – Well, everything, the games, the people, as I wrote EVERYTHING.

E. – I miss everything!


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