Volunteers in PINK Peshtera

IMG_20191108_161730Behind every single thing, behind every good endeavor, stands a person or a group of people, as it is the case with PINK, with a team of people who do everything possible to improve the life of children.

It’s great when new members are added to the team, but it’s even better when these members are kids who have been participating in the foundation`s activities from an early age. Two children from Peshtera – Maria and Victoria, have been participating in the Art Workshop Club since the launch of the program four years ago. During these four years, they have been very regular and have shown with their perseverance and ingenuity that they can be relied on.

After completing their elementary education, now they are studying at the Technical School in the town of Peshtera. However, their love to create and help brings them back almost every day to the ‘’St. Patriarch Evtimiy’’ school, where they keep doing wonderful things. Both girls are helping the other kids create beautiful items for the upcoming Christmas bazaars. They will also participate in the German Bazaar in Sofia as volunteers.This is not all that the girls help the PINK Foundation with. Since the beginning of this school year, thanks to them, the Jewelry making club has resumed its activities . In this club, younger children learn how to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces, which are sold at different charity markets.

The PINK Foundation team is extremely grateful to Vicky and Mimi for their selfless and dedicated work, and for their time devoted to the children participating in the clubs of interest in Peshtera.

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