Hip Hop Lessons in Tran

20191009_173059In order to have the ability to dance, not only does one need to know how to move their body, but also to be able to “dance” with soul and heart. Through dance you can have fun, tell a story which express feelings many emotions such as love, happiness, anger, sadness and joy. The hip-hop dance club organized by PINK in Tran has a similar goal. For a second year in a row, the kids from the small town have been showcasing their hip-hop skills and talent. Children come with the desire and interest in learning different styles of dance. The club is held once a week at the fitness center of the city, which is provided to us free of charge by the municipality. The children who attend the club are of different ages between 8 and 15. The total number of our potential future dancers is around 20. In addition to the development of children with dance, the club also aims at improving discipline, teamwork and provide therapy through which children can express their innermost feelings.

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