Orthodox Christian Week in Peshtera 2019


Most students are already in summer vacation mode, however for the PINK Foundation Summer is one of the busiest and most entertaining periods of the year.

This year, volunteers from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA, arrived in Peshtera and this time their help was something slightly different from the past years.

For the first time the PINK Foundation supported “St. Dimitar” church in the town with materials and human resources. This was with the kind consent and participation of priest Todor. The Christian Orthodox Week for Children from 6 to 13 Years took place in the grounds of the church. Twenty-five children were enrolled to participate. The younger ones were accompanied each day by their mothers or grandmothers.

For four days the children learned different things  taught by priest Todor the first day and the rest of the time by Mr. Christos Rambov. Of course, there were also treats for the children, and the favorite part of the week were the games in the lovely large courtyard of the church.

On the last day the children together with their companions and volunteers traveled to Bachkovo Monastery and Asenovgrad, where they heard the history of the monastery, and other interesting stories, told by a monk who is a resident at the monastery.

For all the participants – children and organizers, this was a very special and memorable week. The PINK Foundation once again expresses its most sincere gratitude to priest Todor for the kind assistance and for the participation of Mr. Christos Rambov for the skillful presentation of the children’s material. A special thanks goes out to our American friends who traveled a long way to help the PINK Foundation and the children from Peshtera.

During this week (15.07 – 19.07)the Orthodox Christian camp is taking place also in the town of Tran for  all the children wishing to participate.

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