Rockin` English 2019

65080551_2336441683105000_9007436951116054528_nFor the third consecutive year the PINK foundation organized an English Summer camp (Rockin` English) for all the children participating in the program. This year the topic of the club was Space and the Universe. The children participating learnt about space, the terminology and related this to the lyrics of space themed songs from popular artists.

The first camp was in the last week of June at Petko Slaveikov school in Sofia (who PINK collaborates with throughout the year). The week after the camp moved to Pernik, where 20 children from the PINK program participated in the learning process. There are two more weeks of Rockin` English in Tran and Peshtera for approximately 40 children.

Every day the children learned a new song, followed by a lesson in vocabulary and English phrases about space, the moon, astronauts and everything related to the cosmos. But the most fun part for the children was the crafts making. Handmade planets and rockets, glowing in the dark stars and moon collage were part of the things that the children crafted. The kids where enthusiastically assisted by the leaders of the club. They also played fun games such as the Black hole game, where two teams must take turns in throwing a Frisbee through a circle representing a cosmic black hole, and other entertaining game activities.

The most important thing during the Rockin’ English weeks is that the children had fun while learning new facts about the universe and spend time together, working as a team.

PINK wants to express gratitude to all the volunteers participating and helping in the program, without whom  it would be almost impossible to manage all the activities.

The Rockin’ English Space Odyssey club is also happening at the moment simultaneously in the towns of Tran and Peshtera.

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