One Child`s Story – Kaloyan


At the moment Kaloyan is in fourth grade. He is a clever, good and well-behaved child. He lives with his parents and his three sisters. Kaloyan`s family is doing good and is a happy one. Sometimes it`s hard for them because they have limited resources, but they manage well. The boy`s family is very united. He is constantly around his sisters, they play and hang out together and support each other. Kaloyan has been involved in the PINK program for a long time. The clubs he participates in are “Art Workshop” and the “English club”. In April he participated in the Spring Relay Race organized by PINK with students and teachers  from 4 schools from Pernik. Kaloyan is also actively attending our summer program. This year he was included in two events – the Rockin` English club and the Organized Games at the school field.  He presented himself excellently during these events.

Kaloyan practices soccer and volleyball . In his spare time he plays soccer with his friends and wishes to become a soccer player.

We hope Kaloyan continues to be such a good, helpful  and carefree child and to participate actively in the PINK program.

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