Archive | February, 2017

News from Peshtera, Pernik and Tran


On the 22nd of February  the children from 5th grade who are participating in the art workshop in Pernik organized an exhibition-bazaar for hand made traditional Martenitsas. The bazaar was held in the 6th school ‘St. St. Cyril and Metodius’ where the PINK room is located. Together with the Martenichkas the children  offered jewelry made by […]

‘PINK Parties’


PINK actively started organizing ‘PINK parties’ having as hosts friends and sponsors of the foundation. The idea behind these gatherings is to invite friends and their friends and spread information about the foundation`s activities. The hosts prepare small snacks and warm drinks for the guests. The director of PINK makes a short presentation about the […]

PINK photo competition


In January the director of PINK Albena Krusheva announced a competition for the most interesting picture with an overall color pink theme – animals, objects, landscapes, architecture,etc. The top rated image (as seen here ) received a special prize – a warm pink fluffy blanket appropriate for this cold winter. The jury comprised of 3 […]