Peshtera Project 2016


For the third consecutive year 21 volunteers from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania visited Bulgaria. This year they went to the small town of Peshtera where they spent one week. For five days the group together with workers and volunteers from PINK did different activities in the ‘St. Patriarch Evtimiy’ school as well as the ‘Iglika’ kinder garden.

Every morning the American group, together with the Bulgarian kids, had a ‘Young Carpenter’ club held in the school. They assembled many things made of wood.

Other kids attended a Jewelry making class where they made bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry for girls. Another group made up of volunteers painted one of the rooms pink where, from the beginning of autumn, the pink activities will be held.

The kids played games every afternoon, when two races would be run, at the end of which the children received medals for their performance. Each day the attendance increased, from 25 on Monday to over 60 by the end of the week.

Besides the school the volunteers also did activities in the kinder garden with children aged between 3 and 6. They learnt how to sing a few English songs, which included the names of the animals, numbers and colors. Outside in the yard, the volunteers made 3 large picnic tables.

We must also mention the wall which was painted by some of the young people from the United States turning an ugly wall of concrete into a colorful painting.

We are grateful to everyone involved in this project and hope that we helped to bring more happiness and joy into the children`s lives.


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