Human Foosball Tournament


Human fofusball-11osball has becomes a popular team game in the United States, however in Bulgaria it is relatively unknown. Based on table football, popular worldwide, human foosball is played with real people and utilizes the same rules, strategies, and techniques of regular soccer. The idea to prepare a human foosball field came last year as a way for PINK foundation to gather young people for sport and fun, as well as promoting the activities of PINK. This is the first time human foosball is played in all the Balkans.  For constructing the foosball field wooden pallets were used to outline the field with metal pipes for the sliding poles. The first game was organized in Pernik city center. For two days kids aged 12 to 18 got together in teams of 6. All the winning teams received trophies.

The objective of this event was to bring kids together to have fun while playing the game and spend time outdoors. Children who took part in Human Foosball learn the benefit of teamwork and the importance of effective communication. We are happy that the event turned out to be very popular among the children. The goals we set out to achieve were accomplished and we will continue to utilize the human foosball field for future projects in different towns.


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