Annual Olympic Games 2016


The Olympic Games is an annual event that the municipality of the town of Tran asked PINK to organize so for the fourth consecutive year during the summer. This year it was held from the 18th to the 22nd of July 2016, and it took place in the brand new stadium in Tran. 70 children  from 7 to 15 years old participated which is the most kids that we had so far. The sports program includes 2 hours of games, every day, with separate groups of children divided depending on their age.  The Olympic Games consisted of 10 different races and competitions for 4 different age classes. The judges were representatives of PINK. All directors, teachers, members of the public, parents and friends of children were invited. Every year there are special badges, which were distributed to participants and visitors of the event.

For every competition we gave out awards to the kids and at the end of the event we celebrated with the world longest banana split. We had a melba that was 6 meters long.

A group that came from California – 13 people from the Grace Presbyterian Church in Palo Alto, helped with the event. It was their first time to come and work with our program and they did a great job officiating and helping us to organize the children for their different groups. They also provided lots of entertainment – some of the kids were great mimes and so they sang along with the music and pretended to be rock stars.

We are happy that this event gets more and more popular each year and have positive impact on everyone involved.

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