Open Air Classroom in Peshtera


View of the open air classroom from inside the Patriarch Evtimii School.

An open air classroom built by volunteers from the PINK Foundation last summer has become a firm fixture in the education plans of the Patriarch Evtimii School in Peshtera.

A Dream Fulfilled at the Patriarch Evtimii School

The first of its kind in the town, the open air classroom provides unique opportunities for teachers and children. Mrs. Sotirova, a second grade teacher at the school said “For us, the open air classroom is something truly new, interesting and useful for the children.”

“For me,” added Mrs. Atsinova, the Director of the school, “Having an open air classroom was just a dream. Now with its construction that dream has become a reality from which all children in the school can benefit. We are already looking forward to spring when they can go outdoors again to have class in the open air.”

Outdoor Atmosphere Encourages Learning

Experiencing a change of scene is sometimes helpful to stimulate learning. Middle school students attend biology class in the open air classroom. “To have the opportunity to be outside, and to hold biology class closer to nature, is very exciting and constructive for the children,” shared their teacher, “and makes learning easier for them.”

The PINK Foundation in Peshtera

The open air classroom was built in the summer of 2015 by a volunteer team from Pennsylvania, USA, as part of a community service project organized by Welcome to Bulgaria EOOD in support of the PINK Foundation.

“The goal of the PINK Foundation is to develop opportunities for children in Bulgaria. Part of that is supporting the institutions who care for them.” remarked Bob Faber, founder of the PINK Fondation. “When Mrs. Atsinova told us her dream for an open air classroom, we immediately recognized this was something that could add that intangible extra to the education process which makes the Patriarch Evtimii School special.”

The PINK Foundation is a Bulgarian registered not-for-profit organization committed to helping all children achieve a happy, healthy and productive life. They work in local communities to operate the PINK Program for children ages 3-18.

See images of the PINK Foundation at work in Peshtera:

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