IWC Sofia

iwc logoThe International Women`s Club ( IWC ) – Sofia has been sponsoring  the PINK foundation for several years now. In 2014 the IWC supported the renovation and furnishing projects of the PINK house in Tran, which is a main office and day center for after school activities in Tran. The value of the project amounts to 3625 BGN.

Also in 2014, the IWC donated  1 television and 4 computers valued at  2 616 lev, which are used regularly in the PINK house during the Cinemania Club and the Computer  course.

In 1015 the IWC supported the  `Project for support of the PINK room`  in Pernik. 5400 BGN were donated for purchasing materials and equipment for the following courses:

-Art workshop, English language, Table Tennis, Cinemania, Jewelry making , Decoupage and Quilling.

In 2016 the IWC approved and sponsored 2 projects of PINK:

-4000 BGN for the `Young Carpenter`  course in Peshtera, Pernik and Tran.

-2600 BGN for materials and equipment  of the PINK project in Peshtera  ( 1000 BGN for arts and crafts materials, 950 BGN for sports equipment, 500 BGN for jewelry making classes and 150 BGN for English language classes materials).

In 2016 the IWC also donated  1 dehumidifier and 1 DVD player to the PINK house in Tran.

In the past 2 years the IWC allowed PINK to participate in the Christmas Bazaar which is held in Inter Expo Center – Sofia in December 2014 and 2015. During these bazaars the Foundation had the opportunity to sell hand-made jewelry, post cards and souvenirs, all hand crafted by the children participating in the courses and clubs organized by PINK.  The revenue from these bazaars is 729, 48 BGN in 2014, and 700 in 2015.

Besides the mentioned projects and donations, a group of members of the IWC also visited the PINK house two times in the past two years.

Approved projects from IWC – Sofia for 2017 

This year the IWC  approved two of the PINK foundation projects and made  donations for supporting them. A donation for the amount of 2160 BGN was made, designated for the support of Project for cooking lessons for youth age 16-18 years old in the town of Tran. The other one is a donation  for the amount of 4800 BGN, designated for the support of the activities for a manicure and pedicure course for 8 children for 5 months in the town of Pernik.

Approved projects from IWC – Sofia for 2018

The IWC has funded another project in 2018 called “Materials and equipment for training, clubs  and educational events, conducted by the PINK Foundation in the  towns of  Trаn, Peshtera and Pernik”. The PINK foundation received 12 000 BGN in the form of materials, technical and other equipment and cash for the events and clubs organized by the foundation.  See gallery

This is the fifth consecutive year in which the IWC sponsors the PINK foundation. IWC is one of our biggest sponsors and we are very grateful  for their support and trust in our projects. For more information about the charity foundation IWC you can see on their website :