Wizz Air Marathon Sofia

IMG-9552Everyone at Pink is so proud of one of our beloved colleagues and former participant in the program – Nelly! A few months ago Nelly decided she is going to take part in the Wizz Air Marathon Sofia 2020 and after 4 months of hard training, on the 11th of October she became one of the people who crossed the finish line in front of  the National Gallery Square in the capital Sofia. Nelly is one of the brightest and most devoted young women, full of passion for helping others. For years she has been involved in many activities with the Pink children and it felt to her like the perfect opportunity to give back to a cause that has very much shaped her into the person she is today. We all want to thank everyone who donated for Nelly`s cause and especially we want to thank Nelly herself for the example and hard work! 

Being a champion does not come easy, but it’s worth it! 

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