Pink Summer Projects

Untitled design (4)We are happy to announce that the Pink summer program is under preparation and going to start with its first projects on the 22nd of June. As every year we are going to organize Fun Sport event weeks in every town and English language learning camps (Rockin` English) as well as additional Art Workshops, Drawing and Board Games Clubs. Each project would last a week and would include up to 10 children according to the rules regarding the Covid19 regulations. We are very much looking forward to these projects and spending quality time with our children after the lock down and the restrictions everyone was under. At the end of July In Peshtera we are also going to collaborate with the local orthodox church and organize different activities for the children from the town.

If you would like to support PINK with funding you can do so through this LINK. Thank you to our supporters without whom these summer events and activities would not happen. They are without doubt the highlight of our children`s year.

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