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Mimi 24May 24 is one of the most revered holidays in Bulgaria. This is the day that Bulgarians celebrate the creation of the Slavic alphabet. On this day Bulgarians commemorate the work of the 9th century Byzantine missionary St. Cyril, who, along with his brother, Methodius, created the first Slavic alphabet.

Every year the holiday is celebrated with a festive program all around the country – festivities are held in every town, but due to the pandemic situation this year the celebrations were much smaller and in some smaller towns the celebrations were cancelled. To honor the work of Ciryl and Methodius, the talented children from the “Draw with me” club made paintings themed for this occasion with the materials that were distributed to their homes by the foundation.

Every week the children get different topical tasks from from our Pink leaders and they fulfill them using their imagination and creativity. For the drawings, the young people use acrylic techniques on canvases or carton for painting. Four of the teenagers who had best performances throughout the year have been awarded a trip to the capital Sofia where they participated in a painting workshop along with their coordinator. The workshop took place in an art studio and was lead by a professional painter. They painted a seaside landscape and did a great job. The club “Draw with me” is becoming very popular with the kids and when the new school year begins we will start doing it for the Peshtera children too.

Vladi 24 IMG_8126 IMG_4448

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