Sponsor a Child – Daniel

ДаниDaniel is a very humble and good child. He is now in fifth grade and is 11 years old. He is from the town of Peshtera, where he lives with his parents, and is the only child in the family.

The boy is a very good student, attends regularly school and is very active in the extracurricular activities in the Pink Room. Since he was in first grade he has been participating in various clubs such as “Art Workshop”, “Young Carpenter”, “Table Tennis” and “Young Athlete”.

Of all the clubs, Danny`s most favorite one is the table tennis and soccer clubs. He also always participates in tennis tournaments that are organized regularly, and very often he is the winner. This brings him great joy, but there are times when he is not first, but it motivates him to be even better next time. Danny also participates in the summer activities of the PINK Foundation, such as the Peshtera Sport Games, and this summer the boy wants to take part in the humanitarian projects at one of the chalets in the Bulgarian mountains.

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