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Йоанка - рисункаDespite the restrictions imposed throughout the country, PINK children continue to create and learn new things from their homes. Each week the coordinators in each town give new assignments for the children participating in the PINK Art Workshops, hold drawing competitions on specific topics for those participating in the Draw With Me Club, and conduct individual online English lessons. The youth from the Cooking Club have also not left their training, but continue to practice cooking delicious meals for their families at home (you can see few pictures of their creations in the gallery).

Thank you to the children who shared with us pictures of their online training. Hopefully soon we will be together again and continue our activities in the comfort and coziness of the Pink House in Tran and the Pink Rooms in Peshtera and Pernik.

We will be updating this post with new pictures regularly.

Тошко - рисункаМими П.-рис.великденска картина сияна (1) Сашко Надя - рисунка IMG-71c39503acfa95d41b0e5a57620ed21a-V (1) Рая (6) Рая (5) Рая (4) Рая (3) Методи (1) Беатрис (3) IMG-8d13e3733bc8d6c7decb2ac5df598ac8-V IMG-ab9b7f3f96d1913e6692c95edbe612b4-V Антония (1) МетодиРая (2)маца хриси и мартивеликдеснка картина хрисиВеликденски заек КоциМими в действие (2)Мими вкъщи Мими твори (1)Мими (1)Рая ХристинаИвайлаРозовата снимка на Васко и Вальо 2Емилия 123

спагети Цвети (1)торта ВладиКурабийки с шоколад КатиМими П. - рисункаГери Станойчева (1) Гери СтанойчеваТаня Таня-рисунка20200414_161720 гого валя и габиIMG-7257 БеатрисСветлана Радева цвети 90948921_518853882137705_2320389784272371712_n

IMG-7253IMG-7252 IMG-7251IMG-7249 IMG-7248


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