Table Tennis Tournament

IMG_0188It has become a monthly tradition in the PINK room at the “St. Patriarch Evtimii “ school to host a table tennis tournament.  8 boys from 5th grade took part in the tournament.

The participants were divided into two groups of four, and only the first two winners of the groups continued ahead in the race. The interesting thing, however, was that the first group had three children with the same number of points, and they had to play one more time to determine who would go on.

Two boys of the same class, good friends and in life, reached the finals, but the tension could be felt by everyone present. The winner of the race with a score of two to one was Daniel Ivanov. The tournament, as always, had a prize pool, as well as sweet treats for everyone participating, no matter whether they won or not. Thanks to table tennis training at the Pink Room, the school kids already have a team that will soon be competing in a school -wide tournament. 

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