Special Evening in Tran

84176934_2582068085363325_5599342606027849728_nHave you ever had a pajama party? Most of Bulgarian children haven`t heard of it and have not experienced that feeling of wearing pajamas with your friends in a warm and safe place, with delicious food, music, movies, games and laughter. Two groups of children from Tran had the pleasure of attending a pajama party at the cozy Pink House, where Beni invited them and had a delicious dinner. The first group who were teens, helped prepare the dinner and later decided to have a beauty salon where they experimented with make-up and hair-styles. The other group of younger children played Jenga, listened to music and danced. It was very cold outside, but inside the fireplace was burning and bringing heat to the whole house.

Pink’s dream is to have a Pink House in every city where children come and not only learn useful skills and knowledge, but also build friendships, have fun and feel free to be themselves.

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