PINK T-Shirt Day

87310197_2839986959417134_4638470400852885504_oThe 26th of February marks the International Anti-Bullying Day at Schools. This day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It started in 2007 in Canada when a group of boys bullied a younger student because he was wearing a pink shirt at school. The next day, his classmates, who witnessed the incident, bought pink t-shirts and distributed them to their classmates, thus showing that no one has the right to humiliate another person because of their different choices, views, or opinions. In 2008, The British Columbia prime minister announced the last Wednesday of February as an Anti-Bullying Day at school. Soon, thousands of other schools around the world took the initiative. More and more students are celebrating it by going to school with pink T-shirts and clothes that read “Bullying Stops Here.” For the first time in Bulgaria it is celebrated in 2012.

The “Help Yourself” Club at the Pink House in Tran and the children from the PINK room in Pernik also participated and became involved with great desire and interest in this event by creating collages and posters in support of the initiative. The celebration of, as we called it – the Pink T-shirt Day reminds us that bullying exists in schools and makes us reflect about how to deal with child violence situations and to emphasize the virtues and values that should be cultivated in every child in order to reduce bullying.

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