Gift Boxes from ‘Together For’ Association

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Thanks to the “Together For” Association Campaign with the logo “Christmas in a Shoe Box”, the PINK Foundation has donated a large number of gift boxes to children included in the program in Pernik, Peshtera and Tran, as well as to other socially disadvantaged children from the town of Tran. This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for every child and parent. We want to express our gratitude to the donors for their initiative and wish to please the children.

There is no kid who doesn’t want to get a beautifully packed box that has something specially prepared for them in it. Believe it or not, “Christmas in a Shoe Box” has collected over 4,200 gifts for children. The number exceeded the expectations of the association. All of them were distributed to children from different cities, institutions, centers and foundations.

Same as every year PINK Foundation organized its annual Christmas parties, but until this year the children had not received special gifts like these ones. There were gifts for every age group, and although the children received them after the holidays, they were happy and grateful. 

The gift boxes were endowed with much love, and many of them also had short, heartfelt messages. Inside, the children found many interesting things, clothes, shoes, toys, study aids, treats and many other beautiful and useful things.


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