Christmas Season with PINK

IMG-5655Once again the Christmas season is upon us with PINK, as usual, in full swing and full of festive spirit.

This year the foundation is active with numerous bazaars and events, such as the German Christmas Bazaar in Sofia, PINK has its own wooden cabin for displaying hand-crafted items created by our children. There are souvenirs, decorations, cards and jewelry. We are also proud that few of our children volunteered to come to Sofia and sell at the bazaar.

In another initiative PINK has a stand in one of the shopping Centers in Sofia to promote the foundations activities. This stand will be available for the entire week. PINK will also participate in two other Christmas bazaars, organized through “The Wrong Bar” and “Little Drinks” Bar (formerly known as Contrast bar).

We would like to express our gratitude to the people and companies organizing these events and for giving PINK the opportunity to participate in them. Special thanks to Park Center-Sofia, German Christmas Market, The Wrong Bar and  Little Drinks for helping our cause.

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