Christmas Bazars with PINK

As with every year the holiday season is filled with a range of activities for the children as well as for the workers from PINK. In every town that bazars were held  some of the older children participated in selling the hand-made souvenirs crafted by them.

For two months the children from the art workshops made cards, toys and various Christmas souvenirs. PINK had the opportunity to sell its products at different markets. In the town of Peshtera the events where hosted at the “Lazur” hypermarket, with the welcomed cooperation of the owner Mr. Kostadin Lazarov, and at the St. Patriarch Evtimiy school, with the kind permission of its director Mrs. Elena Atsinova. The children were selling products they had made themselves. The proceeds exceeded last year’s and were enough to fund the Christmas parties for the kids. The remaining funds will be used to purchase new materials and a new camera.

The Sofia team directly participated in some of the bazars where they had the opportunity to sell the hand-crafted goods but also to spread the message of PINK`s activities.

PINK would like to express its gratitude to DB-Events, who organized the German Christmas Bazar, and – Park Center Mall, for the stand inside the mall, to “The Little Drinks Bar” and “The Wrong Bar” for also providing space to selling our goods. Last but not least we give thanks to A1 telecom company for giving us a stand at their annual Christmas bazar.

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