Internship for Youth 2019

72921769_596732137530697_703063958554148864_n (2)This year, a two-month internship was arranged for three young people – at the restaurant of the Struma Hotel in the town of Pernik, as well as for 4 others at an elite restaurant on the Black Sea coast at the Sveti Vlas complex. Three of them worked in different cuisine restaurants – Bulgarian, Italian, Asian, Barbecue and 1 worked as a bartender. This was a paid internship with secured accommodation and meals for the participants.

After the Pink House classes resumed this year, two of the young people shared their experiences of the work in a short interview with a foundation social worker.

In general, everyone was happy with the workplace and their employers. They mutually agreed on the view that they would continue their professional development in this field. Each of them has learned different cooking techniques, recipes and other skills that they can use in the future. Two of the most useful lessons, according to the young people, is hygiene in the kitchen and knowing the benefit of good teamwork.

Interview with Teodor (bartender) and Christian (cook) :

What motivated you to go to work at this hotel?

T.- Mostly that I would get a very good internship in a high-end establishment that may be of use to me.

C.- My motivation was the opportunity for career development outside the town of Tran.

Which part of your work did you enjoy the most?

T.- I liked working with people there, the people themselves are very pleasant and kind.  A very important thing I learned was that even people from other countries don’t separate into groups, we were all together and communicating without any divisions.

C.- Being able to maintain a high level of service in every aspect of the work – food, hygiene, etc.

What is your favorite food / dish you participated in?

C.- I was delighted with the pizza preparation.

What time or event will you never forget at work?

T.- Meeting and getting to know my colleagues, who I bonded with and got to know very well. 

C.- The jokes and conversations with my colleagues.

Do you want to upgrade to a higher position next time?

T.- On the one hand, I want to, but I do not want people to perceive me in any different way because of my position.

C.- Sure, I would like to rise to a higher level in the kitchen – this is what the internship is for – the experience and career advancement 

Would you recommend other young people to join the cooking club at the PINK House? If so, why?

C.- Yes, I recommend wholeheartedly, because besides the practical things that we learned, we also learned how to be disciplined which is vital for our career development!

One of the most successful clubs organized by PINK organization is the “Cooking Club for Young People” The program is for 16 to 18-year olds. For yet another year the club has resulted in opportunities for some of the participants, with seven young people successfully securing work positions as a result of the culinary skills acquired at the club. 

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