“Business on High Heels Club” Visit to Tran

IMG_4045PINK foundation has been a member of the “Business on High Heels Club” since February 2019. The club has about 1200 members who work in different fields with many having their own businesses.

On October 12th the town of Tran has an annual celebration (this celebration usually occurs on October 14th, but this year the municipality moved it to fall on the weekend). 

On the day of the celebrations a visiting group of seven women attended the PINK House in Tran where they prepared a traditional pastry dish of the region, with the help of the participants from the Cooking Club for Youth. This visit was organized by the club so the ladies could become acquainted with PINK`s activities as well as see the sights in the Tran region.

As with previous years there are special programs as well as a concert and the city is visited by many guests. The group of ladies also visited the Rock Chapel St. Petka, the Ceramics Museum in the village of Busintsi, the Erma river Gorge and the Yogurt Museum.

PINK warmly expresses its gratitude to the guests for their visit, for their interest in the Foundation’s activities, and for the materials that were donated.

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