One Child`s Story – Siana

IMG_8799Siana is a good, always smiling child, who on August 11 turned six years old. The girl lives with her parents – her  father  works as a logger and her mother does not work at the moment so she can take care of her child. Siana struggles from Poland syndrome and an operation is needed every year to maintain the child`s good health. Unfortunately, last year it was missed due to the financial situation of the family. The next surgery is scheduled for September 2019.

The girl attends the Pink House, where she is included twice a week in the “Mom and Dad`s little helpers” club and the “Individual Work with a Child” club. Siana has fun with the kids at the PINK house and feels happy when she spends her time with the social worker.  She is sociable, vibrant and very smart.

The girl’s mother takes the child every day to the park, where she spends time playing with other children. She loves to have walks with her younger cousin, Bozhi, who is three years old. 

Siana dreams of becoming a doctor because she wants to cure children and says she would do this for free. She dreams of a world where there are no sick children.

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