Sport Games 2019

66636775_2360878183994683_2240995814862225408_nFrom 8th to 12th of July the annual Sports Games for children started  in the towns of Pernik and Tran. The Pernik games were held in the mornings at the yard of “St. Cyril and Methodius” school and in Tran – in the afternoon at the same place as every year – the town stadium. The events were organized entirely by the Pink Foundation.

During the 5 days of the events the children competed in a total of ten disciplines – two per day. About 35 children in Pernik and  70 children in Tran attended the games and actively participated in them. Every day, medals were distributed between the top three participants who had the best results in the respective age group. Some of the competition games included: long jump, sprint, distance frisbee throwing, frisbee throwing at a target, sack race, basketball race, jumping on one leg, duck walking and others. In Pernik the school headmaster Mrs. Oliova and the director of the Foundation – Albena Krusheva officially opened the games by lighting the ritual torches. The same afternoon the Tran games were also officially opened by the mayor Cvetelina Tsvetkova  and again the director of PINK Albena.

The Sport Games are also happening in the town of Peshtera during this week where the children are competing in the same disciplines and with the participation of approximately 30 kids from 7 to 14 years old.


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