Internship for Young Cooks

65688076_2346373175445184_6613901859453140992_nPINK is proud to announce  a successful end to the school year with six of its children starting their first jobs  at the RIU Helios Paradise hotel in Sunny beach (part of the popular hotel chain – RIU Hotels at the Black sea and Pravets)  and the Struma Hotel in Pernik. Five of the young adults, who participate in the cooking course at the PINK house – Katrisia, Christian, Mariela, Leonardo and Krum started their first paid jobs as sous chefs. With the help of one of the  Pink sponsors we were able to send the teenagers on a two month and a half paid internship, where they will be trained by professional chefs and gain valuable experience of the restaurant business.  Katrisia, Christian and Mariela are working in the kitchen of the seaside hotel together with another child – Teodor, who also started his summer job there as a bartender.

The other two kids – Leonardo and Krum from Tran are stationed  in Struma Hotel in Pernik as sous chefs at the hotel restaurant.

The internship will be useful for the future career development of the young people. After completing the internship and demonstrating potential, hard work and the ability to work in a team, the company could offer a permanent job. But first they will have to complete their two year cooking course in the PINK house by resuming their lessons in September 2019 when they are back to school.

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