Trip to the zoo

IMG_8539On the 11th of May, with the support of one of our donors Kristina Popova, the children from Tran got to visit the Zoo in Sofia. All the trip expenses for the trip were covered by the sponsor.

The younger children from the Pink House got the chance to see wild animals for the first time. There were Seventeen children from the PINK program accompanied by two social workers and a medical professional. At the entrance of the zoo, the children were warmly welcomed by the director of Pink Foundation Albena.

Some of the highlights for the kids were seeing the snakes and the larger animals such as the elephant, tiger and the hippopotamus. Every child had the chance to see their favorite animal up close, this was a very unique experience for the kids, having never visited a zoo before.  The children had a picnic for lunch, took pictures of the animals and on the way back to Tran everyone shared what the best part of the excursion was and which animals they thought the most interesting.

PINK wants to express its gratitude to Kristina Popova for supporting this trip. This is the second time she has sponsored an event for the children in Tran. A few years ago, she supported a day trip to the Children Science center in Sofia – “Muzeiko”.

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